CRU 282 Wine Bar






12 Weeks

Project Description

A pairing between best friends with a vision to utilise their sommelier and business skills was the basis in creating this high-end wine bar where friends could meet and enjoy a beautiful atmosphere.

In an effort to showcase the pair’s creative flair whilst ensuring the space was alluring and inviting, a highly detailed design palette was developed comprising of bespoke stone pieces, electroplated rose gold metal work and custom furniture pieces all set within an industrial concrete backdrop.

The Jensen delivery team worked incredibly closely with the entrepreneurs and designers to bring the vision to life. Nothing was standard and all elements required careful consideration to ensure form and function merged seamlessly.

Key Challenges
  • Neatly reticulating and concealing services to ensure the exposed industrial aesthetic was achieved.
  • Liaising with all stakeholders to conduct works in a mixed residential and commercial building whilst minimising disruption.
  • Assisting in sourcing unique materials and suitably skilled tradespeople to fabricate many one-off pieces.