Cowan Display Suite


Cowan Display Suite


2 Week

Project Description

Representing the interests of an international property developer, Client Side Project Management firm DCWC approached Jensen Projects to deliver a unique display suite designed by Mijollo International. Drawing on our strong relationships with our dedicated tradesmen Jensen were able to deliver the entire suite over a 2-week construction period. This was achieved in a live working environment in the HSBC building with minimal disturbance to staff in the workplace. Jensen overcame stringent regulatory hurdles by working closely with consultants to quickly redesign residential architectural plans to meet the compliance requirements of a high rise office building.

Key Challenges
  • Procurement, redesign and installation of custom detailed joinery to tie in with the fast paced fitout
  • Collaboratively redesigning the layout to achieve the desired look & feel of the display suite whilst adhering to compliance requirements
  • Coordinating works outside of business hours to ensure minimal disruption to staff
I want to thank Rael and the team at Jensen Projects for working around the clock to fast track the construction of our display suite over the holiday period! Despite the rapid pace of the project, Jensen did not compromise quality ensuring all finishes looked great for the sales campaign. I would highly recommend this young dynamic team.
Gerald Li, Project Manager
Donald Cant Watts Corke Group