April 2024

Celebrating 10 Years! // Reflecting On Our Journey

After a decade of industry experience, our founder Rael was keen to take a leap of faith and venture out on his own thinking things could be done differently. The vision centred on a holistic grass roots approach where the Jensen representative would oversee all aspects of a successful project delivery.

This unique approach has been a guiding principal in carefully selecting and retaining the incredibly capable individuals that now make up the Jensen family. It has meant organic growth at a slow and steady pace ensuring our culture and values are ingrained within our team members and, consequently, resonates through all stakeholders we interact with.

Our personal achievements are equally celebrated as Jensen grows because we understand that happy, balanced and well rounded individuals make the building experience more enjoyable for all involved.

Collaboration, communication, and attention to detail have been the driving forces behind our journey and resulted in many loyal repeat clients. We look forward to the next 10 years of being in the industry and doing projects that we are genuinely passionate about.